Hello 2013

So we’re days into 2013 and I’ve accomplished at least ONE thing on my list of things to do this year. You are now experiencing it. For some time now, I’ve been debating against my self on the issue of blogging again- wondering how and when I would find the time, sorting through what to share and what not to etc. In the end my final decision was to stop debating and to start taking some form of action. Just Do- No Doubts.

I know that with at least a week of this new year gone, most of us are back to the old habits we promised ourselves and maybe others that we would break for this New Year. I’m a bit guilty of this…year after year after year. While I really didn’t make ‘Resolutions’ this year, I did come up with a new List. (I have this list of things to work on and which I add to when I see needed).

There are so many things which I want to add to this blog as I go along and I can’t wait to do so. AND there are many new experiences awaiting every one of us.  Patience is key right now. What’s important is that we made it to this New Year. I wish everyone a belated Happy New Year.

Whatever you do, I hope it makes you happy.



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