Nail Polish: Heartthrob

Today I tried Heartthrob by CONFETTI nail colour. I’m more into bright colours but I decided to try this ‘nude’ shade and I loved it.


Heartthrob was much darker than my other nude colours but it blended perfectly with my complexion. The colour actually has a more pinkish hue to it than it appears in my photos. Oops..


The other nudes which I have (and I really love these also) are Peachful Breeze by Sally Hansen and Air Sign by jane nail polish.

I remember working at this place once where they didn’t allow long nails and brightly coloured nails from female workers- which is understandable, so I wore no polish at all. I wish I had this Heartthrob by Confetti back then. My natural nail is extra dull pink so I consider a great nude colour a must a my collection. The polish provides the added shine and consistency, while still looking natural.


Heartthrob PROS (3): The polish has the right consistency, not too thick-not too thin. The colour has a natural look plus shine without a top coat. The polish does not chip as easily as some others would.

Heartthrob CONS (1): It may actually take more than two coats if you are trying to achieve the exact look of the bottle. I used only two coats as I never go beyond two. My end result was still a few shades lighter than the actual colour of the polish.

Who would I recommend it to? If you love the colour, great. If you’re looking for a perfect nude shade and you know that this colour would match your skin tone thereby creating the perfect nude look, even better. Try It.


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