Revlon TOP SPEED 730 Royal Review


I’m in love. First of all, I got this Royal nail polish by Revlon a few months ago, but I was very hesitant to use it. Medium to dark shades of blue are my favourite when it comes to nail polish (and I only have about two left now), so I’m holding on to them for as long as I could. I fell in love with this Royal blue as soon as I saw it and kept waiting for the perfect event to wear it to.  Well, one finally popped up.


I had cut all my nails off on impulse some days before so I bought some falsies, cut them down to the normal length of my nails and used the polish along with Celeb City by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Colour. Celeb City is also one of the best nail polish I’ve ever used but I’m planning to review it separately later on.

The Royal was very thick so I applied only one coat. I didn’t mind however because two coats made it overly dark- which I didn’t want. I wish it came with a thicker brush though… I had to take care so that it didn’t look ‘too chunky‘ in certain areas when it dried. I probably should have changed the brush myself. It would also probably take a looong time to dry- like I said, it’s very thick. It didn’t chip, (but then I had on falsies after all).

I wore them for like four days until they all fell off.

I may probably reuse these sometime in the future. My nails are back to normal length and I’ve worn the polish on my natural nails since then  for about two days only. I had no problems with it on my natural nail either. This is a polish I would actually hunt for and buy again if it ever dried out. I looove the colour. The polish quality is nice also. I just wish I had a thicker brush for it.



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