Why we Love Kanekalon Crochet Braids

I believe that by now many of us have tried or at least heard of crochet braids- a style that is achieved by cornrowing the hair and latching the desired installation hair into the cornrows.

For the past 2 months, I myself have been wearing crochet braids and I plan to for a looong time.

The most popular hair now being used for this style is 100% Kanekalon hair. (Yes, the one we use for box braids also).

I’ll tell you why almost everybody loves this hair. 100% Kanekalon hair is CHEAP. In addition to this it is very versatile. It can be worn straight kinky, curled or made straight by several processes (Flat-ironing on low heat or blowdrying). This hair is, in conclusion REALLY worth it, and looks very natural no matter what you do with it. My only little problem is that Kanekalon hair sheds a lot. But honestly, I’m willing to put up with the shedding for all those great benefits mentioned above.

The following YouTube videos have demonstrated how natural Kanekalon Crochet braids looks:

For those of you who are entirely new to Crochet Braids you can check out these how-to videos:

If you are interested in doing your own crochet braids, the method is not as complicated as it may seem at first. Give it a try!

If you’re still unsure whether crochet braids are for you, check out the PROS and CONS list I’ve put together.


  • Crochet braids are very cheap
  • They can be worn kinky, straight and can be curled
  • You can create a cornrow a pattern that will allows a lot of versitality when styling
  • Kanelon hair looks very natural
  • You may still have access to your hair in order to take care of it
  • Kanekalon hair comes in many colours (You can choose, mix and match colours where you want. Create highlights, layers and fringes… many possibilities)
  • You can also determine the length of hair


  • Hair sheds like crazy
  • Time consuming method

(Two little CONS that we can get over. This is why we love Kanekalon Crochet Braids.)

What’s in your Make-Up Bag?

I’m not a make-up guru, but lately I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to learn new tips and tricks to add to my very simple routine. And by spending time, I mean to say looking at those amateurs on YouTube who really seem to know what they’re doing.

I’m always impressed by the seemingly effortless yet noticeably great tips that most of these YouTubers demonstrate. I’ve been planning on experimenting a bit myself. My experience with make-up is poor and so is my knowledge when it comes to the use of most products. Reason being, I just never bothered to learn before.

My products last months as I hardly ever use them. This you could see quite clearly from their condition. So mission one; my make-up bag needs a complete make-over. Everything must go. I plan to start updating within the upcoming months and I will definitely be doing a Before/ After on this. This is the before.

100_8525 copy


My most frequently used: Eyeliners/ Lip-liners.

Up until lately I’ve been using black or purple eyeliner on my eyes, and that was it. The pink, I use occasionally to line my lips and most recently I’ve started using brown to fill in my eyebrows. The brown eyeliner has now become my most-used and a daily thing for now. 

100_8537 copy

The Never Used: I’m not really a fan of eye-shadow. Honestly, my mind was almost against eyeshadow until I came across L’oreal Paris H.I.P Concentrated Shadow Duo. This is the only brand I’ve been at peace with. However, after a reaction test at home I never really used it. The color, which is called Cheeky, doesn’t really stand out or do anything for my eyes. As you can see it blends with my skin colour.

L’Oreal Paris HiP Metallic Shadow Duo Color: Gunmetal Image Source:http://www.swatchandlearn.com

Colours such as blue and green contrast well with my skin tone. I will be adding the GunMetal and Showy to my wishlist, just for a pop of colour when needed.

L’Oreal Paris HiP Metallic Shadow Duo Color: Showy
Image Source:http://www.swatchandlearn.com

My Must- Have: Always a good mascara and a spare brush.


The Odd-Additions: Remember when extra-popping pink lip colour was cute? Or is it still? Well I went and got myself a cheapie lipstick. Y’know..the whole barbie-looking thing lol. I always coat lipstick with a bit of  lip gloss to cure the dry feeling.

It actually matched me well so I’m holding on to it.



I will be thinking up more subtle colours to add to my wishlist also.

The aim is variety. If you have a suggestion..you’ve seen how my What’s in your Makeup-Bag is suffering, Offer it up.


My Regimen for Naturally Longer Thicker Eyelashes

You will Need:

  • A Mascara brush of your choice. 
  • Olive/ Castor Oil.

To begin, I obtained a brush from a mascara that I was no longer using. I loved the brush, but I wasn’t to happy with the mascara itself. I highly recommend using a good brush that works for you.

I soaked the brush in soapy water for a while, then rinsed and dried it. You must do this to the point where the brush is looking ‘brand-new‘ and there are no mascara remains or soap residue in it.

I then poured a bit of olive oil into a smaller container that could be easily sealed. Now, the choice of oil is completely up to you. Remember to read your labels and know what works for you, what you may have reactions to etc.

I use and recommend extra virgin olive oil. I’ve used about three different brands of extra-virgin olive oil without reactions. Some brands labelled ‘extra virgin’ are not so extra-virgin. Brands labeled ‘pure’ and ‘light’ have been chemically processed and may cause irritation.

Dipping my fingertips into the oil (smaller container)- I apply the oil to the brush by rubbing my fingertips on the brush itself.

This works because the oil is thick. A finger-tip amount usually covers the brush and is enough for my lashes.

Dipping the brush directly into the oil would pick up too much oil and cause problems when you are ready to apply.

To Apply: Simply apply the oil as you would apply mascara to the lashes. However, do not start directly at the base. Start at the middle of the length of the lashes. This decreases any chances of irritation.

It is also best to do this before sleep. Remember the eyelashes are continually falling out and re-growing, so to see continual results you need to show dedication to your routine. Good Luck.