T&T Carnival: Masquerade Dream

Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2013 has come and gone. And who was not there? Me.
One costume that I really had my eye on this year was Azure by the Tribe Mas Band. pic3Of all the costumes that I saw myself
masquerading in my carnival dreams, Azure by the Tribe Mas Band topped them off.







With Trinidad’s Carnival finally over, I am anxiously awaiting our own upcoming Carnival. Carnival in Trinidad is one of (if not) the most looked forward to in the Caribbean and is definitely on my list of events to not miss in the very near future. Carnival climaxes on Tuesday with masqueraders taking to the streets to display their costumes. Ooooh the costumes..

THE COSTUMES. I love Trinidad’s carnival costumes with a passion. The traditional type costumes and the ‘bikini and feathers alone’ costumes are equally amazing. However every year I keep my eyes on the party bands, as I call them. These bands are fun over competition and cater for a good party time on the road. Their costumes are the original bikini and feathers costumes, and the best. They are light and allow you to get on, misbehave and party hard. I love these itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny barely covering costumes, though some may label them too skimpy and non-traditional.

I’ve yet to muster up the courage to wear one. (I’m just really afraid of my boobs falling out in public. It’s one of my worst nightmares.) So, tell me what you think. I’ve also attached some links for those of you wondering how you can get into the Carnival fun in the future.


pic1Tribe costume images featured are via TRIBE Carnival FaceBook Page. You can check out their costume designs, band launchings and other band related info. Their website Carnivaltribe.com also contains masqueraders and costume info. 

TriniJungleJuice.com images via their website. Also, check out more photos on their FaceBook Page

All other Photos are via carnivalinfo.com. They have great info and pictures on T&T Carnival. Check them out.