From Nana’s Closet

With so many red-carpet-like events and parties gone these past few weeks, emerging fashion trends have officially

Contrast Lace Dress by Forever21

shown their faces and I could bet you that they are here to stay. I remember browsing through one particular FaceBook album last week and seeing a female comment aimed at a peplum lace dress, ‘my grandmother used to wear these and now it’s back in style lol’. Yes ladies, it’s time to go raiding your Nana’s closet. You may actually find something very trendy in there. While I wouldn’t claim to be a ‘fashionista’ or a ‘fashion spotter’, a trend is easy to spot. Am I in love with this one? Yesssss.

Lucca Couture Cutout Sleeveless Mini Dress at

DOLCE & GABBANA Cotton-Blend Floral Printed Body by

Peter Pan Collar Ginger Dress via

Topshop Sparkle Skater Dress by Nordstrom

Dress via

Noe Gem Cut Out Dress by

Any good online store would give you a clue to what’s new. I would also tell you a not-so-little secret: You could find much cheaper versions of similar styles almost anywhere. But remember, cheaper is not better unless you know where to look.

Without a doubt, vintage is thee trend for 2013. I will definitely be copying one of these designs to make my Birthday outfit next month.

Loving It,