My Regimen for Naturally Longer Thicker Eyelashes

You will Need:

  • A Mascara brush of your choice. 
  • Olive/ Castor Oil.

To begin, I obtained a brush from a mascara that I was no longer using. I loved the brush, but I wasn’t to happy with the mascara itself. I highly recommend using a good brush that works for you.

I soaked the brush in soapy water for a while, then rinsed and dried it. You must do this to the point where the brush is looking ‘brand-new‘ and there are no mascara remains or soap residue in it.

I then poured a bit of olive oil into a smaller container that could be easily sealed. Now, the choice of oil is completely up to you. Remember to read your labels and know what works for you, what you may have reactions to etc.

I use and recommend extra virgin olive oil. I’ve used about three different brands of extra-virgin olive oil without reactions. Some brands labelled ‘extra virgin’ are not so extra-virgin. Brands labeled ‘pure’ and ‘light’ have been chemically processed and may cause irritation.

Dipping my fingertips into the oil (smaller container)- I apply the oil to the brush by rubbing my fingertips on the brush itself.

This works because the oil is thick. A finger-tip amount usually covers the brush and is enough for my lashes.

Dipping the brush directly into the oil would pick up too much oil and cause problems when you are ready to apply.

To Apply: Simply apply the oil as you would apply mascara to the lashes. However, do not start directly at the base. Start at the middle of the length of the lashes. This decreases any chances of irritation.

It is also best to do this before sleep. Remember the eyelashes are continually falling out and re-growing, so to see continual results you need to show dedication to your routine. Good Luck.